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 I would like the pupils to prepare an English Oral Presentation, which should last between three and five minutes, titled My hobby.


When preparing their presentation pupils sholud aim to answer the following questions:


·       What do I enjoy doing in my spare time??

·       Who helps me with this?

·       Why do I enjoy it?

·       When do I do this?


          Learners are welcome to bring in artefacts and props, which can be shown and discussed during their presentation.



We like the children to understand that they are the source of the information rather than a PowerPoint which could be read without them being there.

They are welcome to prepare a Power Point presentation to support them BUT it shouldn’t be full of writing, it should include images and a minimal amount of text (no more than 10 words) aimed at reminding them of the order. In the past, pupils have read their notes rather than presented information orally.

          Encourage the learners to practise their presentation before performing it in the class on Monday the 17th of February 2014.


Oral Presentation Top Tips Poster

Oral Presentation Video http://www.youtube.com/watch...sPR1CJ4wM


Mrs Prytherch